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Hi, I’m Reland Diva Johnson, and since the late nineties, I’ve been hooked on reading, writing, and research - which is what you’ll find me doing when I’m not spending time with my family or screeching into the void. As a born bibliophile and latchkey kid, much of my youth was spent at the Whitmore Library in Cottonwood Heights, UT, where I consumed as much fiction as possible and crafted my earliest short stories. In the years since then, I’ve done many things, but nothing makes me happier than expressing myself in way that feels authentic and meaningful.

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Thanks for showing up on my Doorstep! I hope you found yourself right at home. Here you will find my musings on living an enlightened life, with an open heart, through attitude, gratitude, and habitude. I hope to welcome you back again soon. As always, I’m Diva, and thanks for dropping by.

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