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Hey Sugar, welcome to my doorstep.

I’ve begun my journey many times to be derailed by the impasse of Perfectionism, a formidable foe, second only to Imposter Syndrome. I’ve waged what feels like an unwinnable war between myself, my circumstances, and sequestered trauma. If you want the truth, I’ve tried to change myself outwardly many times because of the world’s dissatisfaction with how I fit into the boxes set out before me.


Growing up, I always felt different. I’ve always received looks, some in joy and others in disgust. Much later in life, I realized it was less about the clothes I had on and more about the presence within me. The road I’ve traveled since coming out fifteen years ago has been fraught with ups and downs- a fact unlikely to change - the ups and downs have also made me who I am - another fact unlikely to change. For me, being a Diva isn’t about making a scene every chance I get It’s about living with attitude and gratitude in equal measure.

In a world where talk is cheap, the chatter never ceases, and the cities never sleep, it can be irresistible to share every thought that comes to mind - a method used by many with myriad success - but I believe it’s neither productive nor sagacious to foam at the mouth. I’m not interested in saying something unless I feel it with conviction, and I’m not in the business of constructing little white lies with picket fences. My purpose is to turn my mess into a message of positivity for those like me who just don’t fit in.

The incarnate battle to find joy and love yourself is a difficult road indeed - one that I’ve walked for years now - and in doing so, I’ve learned a few things. I want Diva’s Doorstep to be a place where we can come together to find enlightenment through stories of heart, hope, and sassitude. After all, we deserve it.  


I hope you like my moxie as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. 

As Always, I’m Diva, and thanks for dropping by.

P.S. I like big words, and I cannot lie. If that makes me a blowhard, so be it. 

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