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Charity Begins At Home

Hey Sugar, thanks for showing up this week. I know it’s not always easy to find the time. I’ve been busier than a Tasmanian tit-mouse on a windy day, and to be honest with you, my patience has been rail thin. That being said, I made a commitment, and even though we’re here at the eleventh hour, I still wanted to show up for a few minutes and talk to you.

This evening as I was struggling with the words to say, I was struck by the thought that only so many acts of beneficence can be performed in a day, and when we aren’t in top working order, we are no longer able to participate in our own lives. Like an unhelpful friend, I was offering intangible advice like “stop worrying” and “I know it isn’t easy.” Statements that were ineffectual and contradictory because I was trying to minimize someone else’s problem so that I didn’t have to (I felt) make it my own.

When the world feels like it’s clamoring for your attention, it can be hard to remember every single obligation and even harder to accomplish them all in time. In truth, life is a juggling act that only gets more complicated as we get older and peaks somewhere along the way, only we’re too busy juggling to see through the mire. This week I wanted to remind you that charity begins at home and to practice patience with those closest to you, in good times and bad, for those people are the ones who will be with you when no one else is listening.

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be·​nef·​i·​cence | \ bə-ˈne-fə-sən(t)s \noun

1 : the quality or state of doing or producing good : the quality or state of being beneficent

admired for her beneficence


bestow your beneficences generously

— W. L. Sullivan


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